Merging into one another: 13 ideas for immediately more intimate sex

Intima sex is every sexual encounter with a lot of intimacy between the partners involved.Instead of using sex as a locked means of pure satisfying the self, all partners are completely present in order to create a common experience of mutual pleasure.

Ineinander verschmelzen: 13 Ideen für sofort intimeren Sex

There is no uniform approach for what is considered "intimate", since sexual and emotional differences between people are unimaginably large.The intimacy of a person is the intensity of being flogged and humiliated by your lover, while the other oral sex is light when the light is on.The decisive connection factor is trust, security and openness.If you completely open up to your partner and show him the private side that is otherwise hidden from the world, a relationship of trust arises from which intimacy can grow up.

It is important that intimate sex is not only reserved for long -term, monogamous lovers.A beautiful degree of trust and thus intimacy can also be cultivated by a relaxed, sham -free atmosphere in which everyone involved honestly talk about their needs and wishes.(Here is more on

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